Client Testimonials

To Whom It May Concern:

Ron Wilson and RW Services has done business with Catholic Health for many years. My experience with his team has
been excellent. As site manager of the largest Primary Care site for South Buffalo Mercy Hospital, I would recommend
them highly for any job. Ron and his team worked hard to transform an outdated file room in our facility. The team
was professional, proficient, and quick. RW services was able to box and sort our charts and move them to storage. The
transformed file room is now a beautiful Community Room used for outreach to our patients. RW Services also is very
helpful when an old record needs to be retrieved for patients. Ron’s careful attention to detail makes our clinic a better
place for our patients.

Jeanne L O’Hara
Office Manager Mercy Comprehensive Care Center

Dear Ron,

I am pleased to provide this recommendation for you and your company. Having worked with you in different capacities over the past several years, I have always found you to be extremely professional, courteous and efficient. I was pleased when you established your own company to provide record management services. We enthusiastically transferred our service contract to RW Services, as we were confident that you and your team would provide us with a high level of customer service that was orderly, timely and accurate. I have been impressed with your flexibility and responsiveness to our needs and I would highly recommend your company to anyone seeking Records Management services.

Patricia Weeks O’Connor
Executive Director
OLV Senior Neighborhood

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